Friday, May 29, 2009

White Dresses in the Summer

Dad in the 50's

I'm so inspired by beautiful white cotton dresses in the summertime. I had to take this photo from my dads old albums because I adored those dresses so much. I don't even know the girls in the photo, I'm sure they are family or old neighbors, I'm just so intrigued by their adorable dresses, curly bobs, and pleasant dispositions. (My dad is the little guy in the undies)

Beautiful Mom in the 70's

Then there is my mom in much later times. I think this photo was taken in '72 or '73, back when my mom had big dreams of being a model. She ended up moving to Guam, where my dad was in the Air Force, and starting a family. I adore her outfit in this photo, although it's probably just a nightgown and some army boots. It's so in tune with the street fashion of today. (I think it's the boots!) Again, I just love the white dress.

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