Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Main Street Alley

Main Street Alley

Cody and I finally went and took photos at my favorite alley downtown. First we did some thrift store shopping where I found two pairs of KEDS! Neither of them were the color that I was looking for, but at a grand total of $6.00, I went ahead and got both pair. Now I have a pair in black and soft pink, each from a different decade. I really didn't have much luck other than that. Since I have so many vintage clothes to sell already, I'm pretty selective about what I buy. I guess that best thing that happened while we were out shopping was finding out that next Monday is 50% off day at Saver's. 50% off the whole entire store...I live for these days!
Later on, Cody and I went to Main Street downtown where there is an amazing alley full of moss, water stains, rust, and wood...all the things we love to photograph! We had a good time, and we got some pretty good photos too.

Main Street Wall

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