Monday, April 13, 2009

Numero Tokyo: Havana Rendez-vous






Here's a look at some more photographs from the the internet that I felt were worthy of a post. They really inspired me, especially the last photo which reminds me a lot of Cody's photography style. These photos, which will be in the May 2009 issue of Numero Tokyo, have such a depression feel in the colors and in the surroundings. My absolute favorite is the one of the couple on the bed. This photograph makes me ask questions, which I like, and all of the colors and textures are stunning: the walls, the bed, the t.v., the shoes, it's all so beautiful! I love photos of things or places that aren't perfect, Cody's the same way. That's why we're always on the hunt for old decrepit buildings and furniture; we contemplate breaking into boarded up mansions downtown a lot, but we're always too scared to try.

Photo Inspiration: Alice in Wonderland (Vogue Dec. 2004)

Alice in Fashionland/Vogue Dec. 2004/at

I've been searching all over the internet for fashion photography inspiration to use at an upcoming spring photoshoot. Although I probably won't go for an Alice-themed shoot , I came across these Vogue archives that I just couldn't resist posting. Of course they are shot by none other than the awe-inspiring Annie Leibovitz, and they feature several designers wearing their own designs, including Marc Jacobs and John Galliano.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Adventures of Cody and Starr

Things have been kind of slow around here in the vintage shop; as you know, I'm always shopping for vintage, so I have plenty hanging up waiting on an auction, but I will be moving to a new place in a week so the store has been put on hold. My boyfriend and I are real excited about moving into a friends old apartment downtown. It's a cute townhouse with brick walls on the inside and wonderful lighting throughout, and it's in a beautiful area. It's a great place to have a pseudo studio and to find great inspiration! I can't wait til we get there.
Just when we find a spot for photos, Cody installs some amazing track lighting in his apartment. We tested it out and had a little fun with it one night. We actually really like how some of the photos turned out.










Muse Magazine: "Hats"

Sophia Vlaming for Muse Magazine/Photos by Pierre Even/

I'm a sucker for hats and hairpieces; I've got a huge collection of my own, so naturally I was excited when I saw these photos. I can appreciate the fact that they're in black and white too. I think the texture of her hair and the prints she is wearing do great things for these photographs. Lovely!Align Center

Estate Sale: Part II

Sorry to leave you guys before, but I'm back now with more of my estate sale vintage treasures. Also, sorry for the quality of these photos, I had to shoot them with my cell phone.

Vintage 60's Striped Cotton Shift Dress
For the shoot I'm thinking Margot from the Royal Tenenbaums

Vintage 50's Gingham Cotton Day Dress

Vintage 50's Edwardian Blouse

Vintage 50's Cotton Day Dress
This one is for me! I feel so beautiful in this dress. I may still shoot it though. I'm thinking horn rimmed glasses, short gloves, bobby socks with some t-strap heels, and maybe a little bit of netting in the hair.

Vintage 50's 2 Piece Suit

Vintage 50's Cotton Dress

Vintage 40's/50's Peter Pan Collar Blouse
This is the blouse I have been searching for. I can't wait to pair it underneath shirts and dresses!

Vintage 60's Playsuit/Romper
This is probably for me too...ah I'm horrible. I love this piece though! I will definitely be shooting this one. I've got a perfect bright blue jumper to put Hannah in for a doubles photo shoot!

Vintage 50's Gingham Cotton Day Dress
This is a must have for the season; now I just need a boater hat. I'm probably going to sell this one in the store though...I've got to give up something!

I love every piece that I picked up, but I couldn't quit thinking about the horn rimmed glasses that I left behind. This sounds horrible, but I went back today. I got the glasses, a dress, a blazer, a cardigan, and an old LIFE magazine. I'm feeling a little guilty now, but I adore every piece that's hanging there. I'll try to post photos of the rest later.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Estate Sale Obsession: Swimsuits and Dresses

I went to an estate sale two weeks ago that was decent; I got a few vintage blouses and a great little bow tie, but there really wasn't any great vintage clothes. When I was checking out, a worker told me that I came one day too late for the vintage clothes, she said they were cleaned out yesterday. I hated hearing that...I would rather just think that this lady didn't save her old clothes. She told me about an upcoming estate sale full of vintage clothes and incredible designer bags; I anticipated this one for days. The listing showed furs, vintage glasses, purses, hats, dresses.......everything. Today was the day! I waited in line all alone for 30 minutes just to get my hands on this lush's vintage. It was beautiful! A lovely home on it's own secluded park-like lot. An indoor pool, a huge sun room, hallways and hallways of rooms, and two jacuzzis! In one room there were dress racks full of vintage dresses and coats. It was a battle in there, but here's what I made out with:

Vintage 40's/50's Purses and Vintage Bow Tie

Vintage 50's Swimsuit w/ Scalloped Faux Skirt

Vintage 40's Swimsuits

Vintage 50's Calico Swimsuit w/ Skirt

Vintage 50's Polka Dot Swimsuit w/ Skirt

Vintage 60's Mod Red Thread Shift Dress

Vintage 60's Polyester Shift Dress

Vintage 50's Smocked Summer Day Dress

This is about half of what I got, but it's all I can post for now. I've gotta get ready for work....more for you later!


My Peter Farago obssession continues on for just one more post, maybe. Here are a few photos in color from Peter. I love the rose lips (smashing) and the adorable empire waist coat!








While going through my daily blogs I came across an incredibly inspiring fashion photographer, Peter Farago. His work blew me away with inspiration for Cazimi photoshoots and my own fashion line that I'm in the early steps of developing! Peter has an absolutely beautiful photography style. I'm sure I'll post more photos from him later. Enjoy.