Friday, April 10, 2009

Estate Sale: Part II

Sorry to leave you guys before, but I'm back now with more of my estate sale vintage treasures. Also, sorry for the quality of these photos, I had to shoot them with my cell phone.

Vintage 60's Striped Cotton Shift Dress
For the shoot I'm thinking Margot from the Royal Tenenbaums

Vintage 50's Gingham Cotton Day Dress

Vintage 50's Edwardian Blouse

Vintage 50's Cotton Day Dress
This one is for me! I feel so beautiful in this dress. I may still shoot it though. I'm thinking horn rimmed glasses, short gloves, bobby socks with some t-strap heels, and maybe a little bit of netting in the hair.

Vintage 50's 2 Piece Suit

Vintage 50's Cotton Dress

Vintage 40's/50's Peter Pan Collar Blouse
This is the blouse I have been searching for. I can't wait to pair it underneath shirts and dresses!

Vintage 60's Playsuit/Romper
This is probably for me too...ah I'm horrible. I love this piece though! I will definitely be shooting this one. I've got a perfect bright blue jumper to put Hannah in for a doubles photo shoot!

Vintage 50's Gingham Cotton Day Dress
This is a must have for the season; now I just need a boater hat. I'm probably going to sell this one in the store though...I've got to give up something!

I love every piece that I picked up, but I couldn't quit thinking about the horn rimmed glasses that I left behind. This sounds horrible, but I went back today. I got the glasses, a dress, a blazer, a cardigan, and an old LIFE magazine. I'm feeling a little guilty now, but I adore every piece that's hanging there. I'll try to post photos of the rest later.

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  1. Add stuff to your shop! i see some adorable pieces i would mind owning =)