Thursday, April 9, 2009

Estate Sale Obsession: Swimsuits and Dresses

I went to an estate sale two weeks ago that was decent; I got a few vintage blouses and a great little bow tie, but there really wasn't any great vintage clothes. When I was checking out, a worker told me that I came one day too late for the vintage clothes, she said they were cleaned out yesterday. I hated hearing that...I would rather just think that this lady didn't save her old clothes. She told me about an upcoming estate sale full of vintage clothes and incredible designer bags; I anticipated this one for days. The listing showed furs, vintage glasses, purses, hats, dresses.......everything. Today was the day! I waited in line all alone for 30 minutes just to get my hands on this lush's vintage. It was beautiful! A lovely home on it's own secluded park-like lot. An indoor pool, a huge sun room, hallways and hallways of rooms, and two jacuzzis! In one room there were dress racks full of vintage dresses and coats. It was a battle in there, but here's what I made out with:

Vintage 40's/50's Purses and Vintage Bow Tie

Vintage 50's Swimsuit w/ Scalloped Faux Skirt

Vintage 40's Swimsuits

Vintage 50's Calico Swimsuit w/ Skirt

Vintage 50's Polka Dot Swimsuit w/ Skirt

Vintage 60's Mod Red Thread Shift Dress

Vintage 60's Polyester Shift Dress

Vintage 50's Smocked Summer Day Dress

This is about half of what I got, but it's all I can post for now. I've gotta get ready for work....more for you later!

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  1. Wow, I love everything! Is this stuff for sell, or just like a showroom?