Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MacArthur Park: Bike Rides

Blog Bike

Ever since my sister moved into the apartment upstairs we've become best friends again. She's only nineteen months older than me so we grew up close, loving and hating each other guts but always being stuck with one another. Now that we're older and much more mature with a shared love for fashion we're always hanging out, talking vintage and taking photos. She's my biggest help with this blog, my etsy store, and pretty much everything that I do.

She let me borrow her bike yesterday to take pictures for the Chictopia bike contest. Evey since I moved to the historic district in downtown Little Rock, I've been dying for a bike. . . I figured I'd try to win one before I finally broke down and bought one (through Craigslist, of course). Her bike is really cool. It's a vintage Schwinn in the best shade of green with skinny tires and the cutest basket on the front. She found it at goodwill with her amazing thrifting skills for like 7 bucks, I think.

Blog Bike
We needed some air in the tires so we made a big loop around through MacArthur Park to get to the gas station. I felt like her little kid riding my bike out in front of her as she walked and I rode through the park. We followed the sweetest family of ducks down the sidewalk and around the corner to find a mama duck and her beautiful baby chicklings. I just couldn't resist sneaking into a photo with them. . .there so darling when they're little!

Blog Bike

Shirt: Thrifted $3
Pants: DIY (Reworked Jumpsuit) $1
Shoes: WalMart $10
Hat: Forever 21 $12
Bag: DIY $4

Big huge thanks to my big sister Kristi! I'll be doing a post on her soon...she's way too fabulous to hide behind the camera all the time.

DIY: My little creations...

I found this 90's Noir Noir jumpsuit at a huge yard sale that was raising money for cats? It was kind of weird, but I got a lot of things there for dirt cheap. I think this piece cost me a dollar. I really couldn't ever see myself wearing it, so I cut the top off and made a great pair of high waist, pleated pants.


I made this purse a while back, it's just been tucked away amongst a mess of projects. I cut the sleeve from a vintage dress and sewed the top of it shut. I used the button cuff as the purse closure and added a little bit of twine for the strap.

I'll post more pictures of the outfit tomorrow!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Roaring 80's


Dress: Cazimi Etsy (hemmed shorter)
Hat: Vintage

I had to wear this dress just once before I sold it! It's the best drop waist dress that I own except for the fact that it's almost too little in the hip department, nothing too uncomfortable though. As much as I like the drop waist, I think the oversized sleeves are my favorite detail. They make me feel like a little kid playing dress up in my moms closet... how I miss those days!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Holli: The Long Lost Beauty

Who is this beauty?

I love looking though rolls of vintage photographs that chronicle someones life and collectively tell a story about what they were like, where they had been, and what kind of people they hung out with. It's delightful to be impacted by all the love and laughter that they shared and all the big moments that they went through in their lives. What I'm most interested in, however, is those lovely ladies that went through their 20's in the 1940's. I'm so fascinated by their tales of love, rebellion, war, fashion, technology...all the things that I have encountered as a young girl in my 20's.

I guess it's because of that that I felt immediately drawn to the woman in the following photos, not to mention her infectious smile and her sensational taste in clothes. The photos give you such an intimate look into her world of friendship, love, and family that you almost feel like a friend at the end.

As if her beauty and smile weren't enough, her photos are accompanied by the most bizarre and coincidental story that I've heard in some time. I didn't want to butcher it or forget a detail so I decided to deliver it to you just as I read it.

Who is this beauty?
"Here is one of the happiest faces I have come across in a long time. She is in most of the photographs in this "found" batch of old prints. They date from the 1940's and do tell a bit of a story. What do you see?

I had to make up the names "Holli and her friend "Thelma." They have glamorous smiles and lots of clothes.

She just looks like a Holli, maybe “Hollywood”. She dominates a set of 116 pictures found all in one bunch from an estate sale in Johnson City, New York. I posted the whole set originally in August of 2008.

There was nothing noted on the reverse of any of the photographs but there are lots of landmarks, lots of people. Someday I hoped, someone would recognize something and at least establish a location..."

Who is this beauty?
"Then, in June of 2009 I found another batch of photographs from an estate sale in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You can imagine my moment when I saw “Holli” again looking up at me from the stack, about 400 miles from the first group and ten months later.

I was able to coordinate some of the photographs by means of the photo lab’s series stamps on the reverse of many of them. Others matched in physical details of the prints. Six photographs, unrelated in any other way, have a light red stain at the edges showing they have been stored in the same place for a long time and thus linking them together. A few of the photographs in the Pennsylvania batch must have been taken on the SAME ROLL of film as the New York batch. From the clothing and locations, obviously some were taken the same day, perhaps only minutes apart. So now there are 63 more photographs of our Hollie, her friends and her time.

One thing stands out in the Pennsylvania group. There is ONE photograph with a date on the reverse. November 22, 1943. Hollie stands on her toes to give her man in uniform a big smooch. It must have been a special moment for them."

Who is this beauty?
"In the set I have designated each item as Ney York Source or Pennsylvania Source in the tags to show where each photograph was found. In addition I have noted the origin in some of the captions.

Our Holli was a popular girl, perhaps a USO volunteer. She loved the beach and the sun. Her bright smile probably made her an instant friend to anyone she met.

Look carefully at these photographs. What do you think is the story?"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Etsy Update: American Girl

Cazimi Etsy is finally here! I'm so excited to finally get the shop up and going, and with the upcoming holiday just around the corner I figured there was no better time to sell the red, white, and blue. I hope you all enjoy the American Girl theme!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I watched a bird learn how to fly today.


Dress: Thirfted (hemmed shorter)
Sandals: Target
Purse: Hayden & Harnett for Target
Headband: Made by me!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Uniform Project

What would you do if you had to wear the same dress for the next 365 days?
The Uniform Project

It sounds crazy, but after wearing a uniform for years at her public school in India, it's hardly a challenge for Sheena Matheiken. The Uniform Project is a year-long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation, a grassroots movement that is revolutionizing education in India. At the end of the year, all of the contributions will go toward the Akanksha's School Project to fund uniforms and other educational expenses for slum children in India.
In May, Sheena embarked on her mission to exercise sustainable fashion as she documents her daily looks along the way. With tons of accessories and seven identical staple dresses, Sheena is on her way to creating 365 creative and stylish looks. What an inspiration!

If you are a designer or a stylist and feel like you could contribute an accessory or a look, Sheena's got 10 months left and would love to collaborate!
Click the links for more information about donating tips or even just some old accessories!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How can I sell it when I love it this much?

40's Cotton Dress
Dress: 40's Cotton Dress/Estate Sale
Shoes:Vintage Seychelles/Goodwill
Purse: 50's Straw Basket/Estate Sale

I've had this dress in my closet for about 5 months now, but this is my first time to wear it. Can you believe that? I actually put it on with the intention of selling it in the etsy shop, but now I'm having second thoughts! The fabric is so sturdy, and the condition is absolutely flawless. Gah, why does it have to fit so well? I used to hate dresses that stopped right below the knee because I didn't think they were flattering on me at all, but now I'm really not bothered by it. I think it's a big part of the vintage look!

Ah, decisions, decisions.
Maybe I'll wear it a few good times before passing it on!
40's Cotton Dress

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Ginghams and Blogger Care Packages

Gingham and Care Packages

Dress: Vintage gingham from Chicken Dinner Candybar
Shoes: Thifted
Flower: Vintage gingham fabric from an estate sale

All of the other lovely items came as a gift for my purchase (necklace, headband, book, and sample of perfume). It was such a nice surprise to receive so many wonderful things in my package!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lula Picnic

Lula Picnic
Lula Picnic
Lula Picnic
Lula Picnic
Dress: 50s cotton day dress
Shoes: thrifted t-strap heels
Necklace: vintage heart pendant
Belt: bow (from another vintage dress)
Purse: 50s straw purse

photos by my sister Kristi (Thanks!)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Feelin' Peachy

Peach Dresses
We Are Koalas, Liebemarlene, Chicken Dinner Candybar

Ever since I started my strict shopping ban, I've found myself browsing the internet more and more making wishlists and reminiscing the days when money was plentiful. As unintentional as it was, the most delightful peach dresses kept popping up from store to store turning out to be my favorites.

The first one shown above is to die for. I'm going to recommend that you visit their shop to see the details for yourself. The tiered lace sleeves and beautiful silhouette left me drooling! I'm not even sure that it will fit me, but I loved it so much that I went ahead and placed a bid anyway. Fingers crossed!

The second needs no introdution. If you found my blog than you probably already know the lovely Rhiannon. Her shop is a continuous rotation of amazing vintage treasures that always leave my inspired. This peach 50's dress is so charming that little miss Rhi is going to borrow it from her shop and wear it on vacation! I guess if I was selling it I would have to do the same. Just one good wear!

The last and final peach dress that I've fallen for is from Chicken Dinner Candybar, my new favorite etsy shop. I'm sad to say that this dress just recently sold, but I'm pretty sure that it was too small for me anyway or I would have already had it. I love how the collar almost looks like a sailor dress with a wonderful little bow in the front.

Gah....I want a new dress now!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Sheers

Summer Sheers

I've kind of lost the thift bug here lately. I used to be religious about my weekly thrifting...estate sales Thursday's and Friday's, Goodwill Tuesday's and Thursday's. It was insane how often I shopped. Now I'm completely overloaded with clothes, shoes, and bags. I'm in desperate need of an etsy unload, and I won't allow myself to shop any more until it happens. It's coming soon, I promise!

This week, I cheated a little and went to goodwill and an estate sale. I found a great leather Coach purse along with the two amazing sheer pieces shown above. The first is a slip that I just can't imagine hiding underneath a dress. It's so gorgeous with lace around the collar and waist, it makes me feel like a fairy or a princess...or a fairy princess! I'll definitely be wearing a slip underneath this slip. :) The second piece is a top from Forever 21 that still had the tags on it at Goodwill, $22.80 for $3...such a great deal. I love anything with a bow in the front, and the lightweight material will be perfect for the hot summer to come.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Feathers and Fringe

Feathers and Fringe
Feather Shirt: U.O.
Denim Skirt: Vintage Calvin Klein (cut shorter) from Saver's
Fringe T-Straps: U.O.
Straw Purse: Goodwill

I wore this out thrifting with some friends yesterday. I guess you could say I went with an indian theme...feathers on the shirt/fringe on the sandals. I rarely wear either of these pieces, so I was happy to find that they went well together. The thirt stores were closing by the time I got out, but I was able to find a couple of pieces that I really like, both of them sheer and summery (more on that tomorrow). We were only able to make it to the worst goodwill in town before closing time, so we decided that since we were so broke that we would just grill the remainder of our Bonnaroo food. It was delish and the company was nice!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chicken Dinner Candybar

Gingham Dress from Chicken Dinner Candybar
I ordered this vintage gingham dress on Monday, and I can hardly wait to get it in the mail! It's coming from an etsy shop called Chicken Dinner Candybar, who actually found me through my blog. She left me the sweetest comments on here, which led me to her shop and her blog. Thank God, because this girls got the best vintage around. If you get a chance, check out her shop and her blog, and for all you fashion bloggers out there, act fast because she's sending out free care packages to the first ten bloggers that make a purchase!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bonnaroo 2009


We made it back from Bonnaroo at 5 A.M. Monday morning after a 6 hour drive and an exciting weekend of music, camping, sun, and storms. It's always so bittersweet packing up and pulling away from your camp site because on one hand, you want a shower and a bed, but on the other, you want to stay and live this hippie lifestyle forever. The thought of work and routines seems unbearable after 4 days of complete freedom from "the man." For those of you who haven't been before, Bonnaroo is pretty much free of rules. I mean, there are rules, but let's just say they are a bit overlooked. The few cops that are there pretty much just enforce safety as they ride their horses around, letting them shit in the middle the walkways. (F.Y.I. Always watch the ground when you walk!)

Their were approximately 100,000 people there with miles and miles of campsites set around Centeroo ,which houses the stages and art tents. It's a setting that could easily turn into mass chaos, if not for the amazing sense of community and peace with music as the common factor. There are tons of vendors selling clothes, hemp, pipes, and posters with plenty of fried foods, funnel cakes, and lemonades in there too. The coolest part is that pretty much anyone can be a vendor! There were plenty of people selling blood mary's, cigarettes, and beers from there camp sites along with chocolates, heddies, and doses. I'm telling you...Bonnaroo is a complete step out of reality and totally worth the experience!

Bonnaroo Collage

Shows I Saw (ones that I remember):
Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, T.V. On the Radio, Phish, Bon Iver, Of Montreal, Yeasayer, MGMT, Moe, Erika Badu, Snoop Dogg, Band of Horses

Grizzly Bear
Their vocals and instrumentals are flawless. Amazing.

I was blown away by this show. It's pretty crazy when you love a bands album already but think that they sound even better live.

I've seen them twice and both times they didn't bring it. Their sound is faint and weak....very very disappointing.

T.V. On the Radio:
Horrible live show! I love this band so I was pretty disappointed by their poor stage presence.


Right before I left for Bonnaroo, I saw on the ModCloth Blog that they would be hiding fun filled totes on 3 different days throughout Centerroo. It was set up like a scavenger hunt with clues given out on their twitter. I was only able to get twitter to work on one of the days because of the abundance of phones in the area. I ran to the mushroom fountain just 5 minutes after the clue was tweeted to look for the tote, but was unable to find it. I felt weird looking around and didn't want to grab someone elses stuff since I didn't know exactly what the tote looked like. I gave up pretty quick because I was missing too much of Bon Iver's incredible set.

Bonnaroo '09 was nothing short of amazing. It's always an unforgettable experience, and I always come home just a little bit closer to the ones that I left with. I'm praying that Bonnaroo '10 will have an equally amazing lineup and that the weather will be just a little bit better (I think a tornado touched down the first night). Until then it's back to reality.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes.

"a story of photographs following a young female clown in her fight for the top spot."

THE FIRST OF MAY by Laurennicole81.
"joining the circus was perhaps the worst decision of her life."

"Let Go Control"~ Saosin
a new act by Laurennicole81.

"but it's a new act, and this clown is not afraid to take chances and will one day make it to the top..."

An inspiring set of photographs from Laurennicole81 on flickr.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A boater hat of my own.

I found a boater! Kind of.
While we were at the Dallas Museum of Art, my boyfriend and I did a little playing around in the gift shop. We found these great little masks that had us laughing hysterically, and we just couldn't resist taking a couple of photos. I thought it was hilarious that after months of hunting, I finally found a boater hat...kind of! The cheeks and hat look so crazy on me! The rat mask suited Jake just perfectly considering he was already wearing that wacky three-eyed mustache cat shirt from Grizzly Bear. We had fun killing some time, and I picked up a wonderful book called "Vintage Alexandria," which contains photographs of the city from 1860-1960. Once I get back, I'll be scanning in all my favorite photos from it!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Etsy Faves

I want to say thank you to the lovely Tracy for tagging me in a fun little "etsy favorites" post. I love browsing etsy for unique pieces and great bargains, although it made me kind of sad considering I leave for Bonnaroo today. I won't be able to spend money again for a few weeks so if you like any item you see, chances are it's probably affordable. As you'll be able to tell, I'm really into playsuits, yellow dresses, and straw purses at the moment! Enjoy.

1960's Shift Dress
I'm such a sucker for peter pan collars.

Oh, the things that I could do with this bow tie!

Straw Gladstone Bag

1950's Lemon Drop Dress
This is probably my favorite silhouette, and the pin tucks make for the perfect finishing detail.

1980's Pin Stripe Playsuit
I love how lightweight and summery this romper is!

1950's Playsuit
$14 was the appeal of this charming playsuit.

Chambray Dress

Repurposed Thermometer Necklace
From Magpie & Birdie, one of my favorite local vintage shops!

NOW, I wanna see etsy faves from Danielle, Dianna, and Mamushka Marie. TAG!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Photoshoot Collective

I had the pleasure of styling a few outfits for a photoshoot with my friends on Saturday night. Stephen Forrest did the photos and Danielle Greene is our lovely model. They both just started there own blogs, so if you like what you see, you can go pay them a visit. Hope you like!

Outfit #1:
Silk Blouse: Goodwill
Gap Skirt: Goodwill (Reversible)
Socks: Target
Shoes: Models
Inspiration: Chloe Sevigny/She's been pairing socks with heels for years, and we love her for it!

Outfit #2
Jumpsuit: Goodwill
Shoes: Goowill
Fedora: Forever 21
Inspiration: 1946 Verney Fabric Ad

Outfit #3
Vintage Dress/Slip: Estate Sale
Belt: Goodwill
Fox Fur: Saver's
Shoes: Models Own
Inspiration: LULA #8
Lula #8 This Side of the Blue