Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MacArthur Park: Bike Rides

Blog Bike

Ever since my sister moved into the apartment upstairs we've become best friends again. She's only nineteen months older than me so we grew up close, loving and hating each other guts but always being stuck with one another. Now that we're older and much more mature with a shared love for fashion we're always hanging out, talking vintage and taking photos. She's my biggest help with this blog, my etsy store, and pretty much everything that I do.

She let me borrow her bike yesterday to take pictures for the Chictopia bike contest. Evey since I moved to the historic district in downtown Little Rock, I've been dying for a bike. . . I figured I'd try to win one before I finally broke down and bought one (through Craigslist, of course). Her bike is really cool. It's a vintage Schwinn in the best shade of green with skinny tires and the cutest basket on the front. She found it at goodwill with her amazing thrifting skills for like 7 bucks, I think.

Blog Bike
We needed some air in the tires so we made a big loop around through MacArthur Park to get to the gas station. I felt like her little kid riding my bike out in front of her as she walked and I rode through the park. We followed the sweetest family of ducks down the sidewalk and around the corner to find a mama duck and her beautiful baby chicklings. I just couldn't resist sneaking into a photo with them. . .there so darling when they're little!

Blog Bike

Shirt: Thrifted $3
Pants: DIY (Reworked Jumpsuit) $1
Shoes: WalMart $10
Hat: Forever 21 $12
Bag: DIY $4

Big huge thanks to my big sister Kristi! I'll be doing a post on her soon...she's way too fabulous to hide behind the camera all the time.


  1. You're my favourite on the bike contest! Voted for you on chictopia!