Saturday, June 20, 2009

Feelin' Peachy

Peach Dresses
We Are Koalas, Liebemarlene, Chicken Dinner Candybar

Ever since I started my strict shopping ban, I've found myself browsing the internet more and more making wishlists and reminiscing the days when money was plentiful. As unintentional as it was, the most delightful peach dresses kept popping up from store to store turning out to be my favorites.

The first one shown above is to die for. I'm going to recommend that you visit their shop to see the details for yourself. The tiered lace sleeves and beautiful silhouette left me drooling! I'm not even sure that it will fit me, but I loved it so much that I went ahead and placed a bid anyway. Fingers crossed!

The second needs no introdution. If you found my blog than you probably already know the lovely Rhiannon. Her shop is a continuous rotation of amazing vintage treasures that always leave my inspired. This peach 50's dress is so charming that little miss Rhi is going to borrow it from her shop and wear it on vacation! I guess if I was selling it I would have to do the same. Just one good wear!

The last and final peach dress that I've fallen for is from Chicken Dinner Candybar, my new favorite etsy shop. I'm sad to say that this dress just recently sold, but I'm pretty sure that it was too small for me anyway or I would have already had it. I love how the collar almost looks like a sailor dress with a wonderful little bow in the front.

Gah....I want a new dress now!

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  1. I love peach (as a colour... not so much as a fruit ;). I like searching on etsy for rarer-used colour names, peach, coral, lavender, lilac... :)
    And I feel your pain, I am currently jobless and thus no shopping for me either. So it's all about window-shopping for vintage on etsy and ebay!