Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Sheers

Summer Sheers

I've kind of lost the thift bug here lately. I used to be religious about my weekly sales Thursday's and Friday's, Goodwill Tuesday's and Thursday's. It was insane how often I shopped. Now I'm completely overloaded with clothes, shoes, and bags. I'm in desperate need of an etsy unload, and I won't allow myself to shop any more until it happens. It's coming soon, I promise!

This week, I cheated a little and went to goodwill and an estate sale. I found a great leather Coach purse along with the two amazing sheer pieces shown above. The first is a slip that I just can't imagine hiding underneath a dress. It's so gorgeous with lace around the collar and waist, it makes me feel like a fairy or a princess...or a fairy princess! I'll definitely be wearing a slip underneath this slip. :) The second piece is a top from Forever 21 that still had the tags on it at Goodwill, $22.80 for $3...such a great deal. I love anything with a bow in the front, and the lightweight material will be perfect for the hot summer to come.

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