Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bonnaroo Inspiration: KEDS

Keds & Shorts: Bonaroo Inspiration

All I want for Bonnaroo is some KEDS! Last time I attended Bonnaroo was back in 2007, and I made the mistake of wearing sandals. With so much dirt in the air and on your toes, sandals feel icky, so I need a good closed-toe shoe. KEDS are my pick because they're so comfortable and they're kind of in style. I looked them up on the KEDS website, just to get an idea of what they cost these days, and I couldn't believe my eyes....$50! I remember having seven or eight pair at a time when I was a kid because they were the cheap shoes that I was allowed to get dirty.

Vintage KEDS Advertisments

Although I thought KEDS were just the shoes of the 80's, I found that KEDS originated back in 1916. They were marketed as the first canvas-top "sneaker" and probably cost about a buck then. I can't find too much information about "Karl The Karrot Keds Klub", but I do know that it was a childrens show that came on daily in San Francisco. Most families were just getting their first television and kids were clinging to the long-haired karrot puppet. Who knew KEDS had so much history to them? I just want a good pair in white, navy, and red, for what they cost back in 1916. I guess my only chance is to hit up the thrift stores.

The Keds Klub


  1. i've been contemplating getting a pair of keds for the past few weeks. they're just so cute! i think the classic keds are $35 though. it's the "eco-friendly" keds that cost $50, and from what i have seen those only come in black, white, and green.

  2. oh that's great, 35 is wayyy more resonable! I think I might actually give in to that if i can't find them at any thrift stores.

  3. EBAY! also, i'm in love with these at the moment:,default,pd.html

    and they even come in double wides for big girls like me.

  4. Those easy spirit shoes are pretty saweet...double wides, ha. You talkin' shizz bout my house on wheels? That's what us Arkansans is talkin' bout when you say double wide!

    btw...we haven't joined the rest of the world in getting an H&M. We actually just got a Forever 21 last year. Isn't that crazy??? Now, that's where everyone shops. Cheap+Cute. H&M needs ta come on and give them some competition.

  5. i know right? we have to go shopping...Arkansas, Chicago, Milan...grrl you tell me.