Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Versatile Dress, Three Different Looks

There's nothing like adding a great versatile piece to your wardrobe. The joy I get in mixing and matching items is evident the second you take a look at my closet floor. Blanketed under cardigans and scarves you'll find tsraps and oxfords thrown about in no orderly fashion. They're shuffled through as I chase after the next idea in my head, brainstorming to form the perfect outfit. Whether it works out or not is a different story, but the mess is a guarantee...surely I'm not alone here?
When I tried on my new (and perfect) dress from Modcloth, I knew I had a winner for the mix and match challenge. I decided to form three completely different looks from one dress to see just exactly how resourceful I could be.
Look #1/Shirt
For this look I chose to wear the dress as a shirt. I paired it with my favorite vintage high-waist skirt and a great pair of knit knee high socks, both thrifted for a grand total of $6. I finished the look with a vintage suede purse, also thrifted, a pair of lace up oxford heels from Target, and some darling heart-shaped sunglasses from Forever 21.
I think this look was my favorite. I really like how the bow (which is meant to tie in the back) brought the eye to the waist and eliminated the need for a belt or any heavy accesories.
Look #2/Skirt
For the second outfit I went with a 50's style cardigan and a pair of t-strap heels, both thrift finds originally from American Eagle. The short sleeved cardigan fit great over the top of my dress and couldn't have been any more perfect for the warm Arkansas weather! I topped it off with a lightweight, vintage Banana Republic purse and some turquoise horn rimmed glasses reminiscent of the one's that were worn in the 50's.
Although it was definitely my least favorite of the three looks, I was satisfied with how it turned out. I think a skinny belt would have looked nice, but with all the beautiful ruffles and buttons on the dress underneath, a belt would have highlighted some unwanted details creating more of a distraction to the look rather than complimenting it. The only regret that I have is hiding that lovable peter pan collar in the second photo! I was without a mirror when I slipped the cardigan on and completely forgot to pull the collar out. We took tons of photos before I realized what I'd done. How could I forget that collar? It's the BEST detail on that dress!
Look #3/Dress
Last and certainly not least is THE dress itself! It's the "hannah dress in summer sunset" paired with the "when the west was cute" belt, both from my choice shop Modcloth. The belt is actually meant to be worn on the hips, but with a few adjustments I was able to secure it at my waist. Combined with a pair of vintage slouchy boots, the look began to take on an indian element which always reminds me of Pocahontas or Tiger Lily, two of my favorite childhood indian princesses!

Which is your favorite look?


  1. I love the socks and skirt
    all your pictures look so summery

  2. What a great challenge! I like the first one best as well.

  3. I love these all! you look great!!!!!