Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Just Me

For me, relying on others requires an abundance of patience. I'm profusely independent and I have trouble accepting the fact that sometimes I just can't do it all. Ever since I joined wardrobe remix and started a blog, I've had an excuse I guess you could say, to go out and take plenty of outfit photos in the loveliest of places. As expected, this left me incredibly dependent upon someone elses time. . .
Resolution: Tripod, duh!


I actually bought the tripod a few months back, but after using it just once opted for the easier way out, someone else snapping the shot! I suppose it would of worked out that way just fine if not for my battle with patience and independence, but after seeing that most of you take your own photos, I figured that it really couldn't be as hard as I made it out to be on my first attempt. So yesterday I got dressed up and went out by myself for some shots.
I didn't get to wear this outfit anywhere else, only for the sake of playing with my tripod. Since I work nights at a restaurant, I really don't ever have the need to get fixed up during the day. A trip to get lunch and maybe a thrift store is the maximum amount of fun I experience away from home. It kind of sucks and I think that's probably why I joined wardrobe remix, to give me an excuse to get dressed everyday!

I'm not incredibly thrilled with any of the photos that I got, but I'm getting the hang of the tripod and the self timer button so before long I think I'll be able to get the pictures that I see in my head! I have to say, I'm pretty excited about taking on the tripod as my new assistant. I think that there's something different about a photo that is taken when your alone, seems a little more intimate when it's just you and the camera.

Wool Vest: Goodwill/ $3
Tank: Goodwill/ $3
Shorts: Forever 21/ $20
Shoes: Pangs Etsy/$50


  1. I use a tripod at home, but I have not had enough courage to take it out on the road yet. I find it still takes a ton of time because I don't have a remote for the camera, so I have to take the snap, then go back to the camera and push the button, then run back to my position, then run back to the camera, etc. It is still sooo much faster with a another human. That and I don't feel as much as a tool when there is somebody else there.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  2. Haha I know! I don't have a remote yet so that's exactly what I looked like yesterday. I kept thinking that I was being watched from apartments beside me, it did make me feel like a bit of a tool! I need to find a good field.

  3. Since I'm watching that almost everybody here has a tripod, I've thought of buying one myself too, but I thought about going out with it too, it would be so strange^___-
    Anyway, it's always good to start something we are excited about. :)
    xx from Madrid

  4. Starr Crow! I'M HERE FOR YOU! I'll work for food or something!

  5. Also, I love the location in the second set of photos.

  6. Oh Yeah, I was just thinking about it yesterday, I was almost going to suggest my boyfriend to go down to the place where they sell photography equipment, but it was already too late in the evening! Yeah I also thought about getting strange looks from people too, thinking about it, it might be one of the things that I just buy and put aside...After all I can't even bring myself to post something even when I have photos!That's how lazy I am! And a procrastinator! I understand you so well about depending on someone to take the photos, I was always thinking other bloggers were doing it without a problem, but it turns out I am not alone! I sometimes feel it would be the end of our relationship if I ask for another photoshoot from my boyfriend!

  7. eithlinn: haha...i know what you mean. i don't even ask my boyfriend at all, i feel really weird modeling in front of him!
    i just wish i lived in the country where a field is easy to come by. being here in the city pretty much forces me to do it on a city street!

    stephen: THANK YOU! i'm brainstorming some things for us now.
    p.s. the second location is facing that empty lot across from my apartment that you shot dani at!

  8. eithlinn: i forgot to tell you.... i check your blog all the time but you never have anything new. i know a blog is super time consuming.....just post some outfit shots if you get a tripod! :)

  9. Hi Starr!! You should know that I've been so dependent to my tripod before Mr.Bf agreed to give me some help... And until now I always carry the tripod (it's Miss tripod, she's an old lady) everywhere in my bag or in the back of my car. Really helpful and fun - esp. when you seek for some stillness, there will be only you and your camera... Perfectly beautiful. Such good feelings, isnt it?

    By the way, thank you for giving me amazing quote last time. Here for you :
    We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone.

    ps : so thanks a lot for being my friend, you gorgeous starr! :))

  10. oh forgot to tell you that I looooove your vest! so pretty... and the quote is from orson welles.

  11. nice xx :))

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