Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hippie Lashes

Once again I've been captivated and inspired by the alluring photographs in Lula Magazine. I only own the most recent issue with Chanel Iman on the the cover, so it took the Lula facebook fan page to show me some things that I missed. I immediately fell in love with the photograph shown on the bottom right which sent me on an internet search for anything similar! I was optimistic at first, but then I realized I really didn't know how to search the topic. I tried several different froms of "hippie sequin lashes" and "hippie clown eyes," but there didn't seem to be anything similar. With that being said, I just decided to post some of my favorite eyelash photos from the 70's with the exception of the modern day time altering goddess, Courney Brooke. Her painted eyelashes and retro style are both so enviable along with her self portraits which are the most exquisite photographs I've ever seen.