Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the home of my dreams

DIY Suitcase
Just weeks before my boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment back in April, I spent every spare second of my time daydreaming about the placement of the decorations and the arrangment of the furniture. We don't own a lot of living room furniture and we certainly didn't plan on buying any in this economy, so I had the idea to stack a few vintage suitcases together to form an end table. The plan was to use two or three which would be held together by a few rubber suckers, but of course I never found the exact suitcase that I wanted and eventually forgot about my diy furniture project.
It wasn't until I stumbled upon these crafty vintage suitcase ottomans here that I was immediately reminded of my idea. Now I'm back on the hunt for the perfect vintage suitcase, but this time I'm going to attemp to make an ottoman. I think they're pretty amazing and great for storing the remotes and proping up my legs! Can you think of some other ways to use a suitcase?
Creative Drip Lights
Another thing that I would love to have in my home is a charming little drop light. I've seen a lot of pretty innovative lights including tea cup, vases, and legos, but I think the one with the hats is my favoirte. I've got a thing for bowler hats and I think these pendants would add a great "gentlemen" theme to any room...especially a manly room used for poker or pool! But don't get me wrong, I would definitey hang these in my kichen if I could afford the price.
Hannah & Landon
And if money was no issue at all, this is how my living room would look. I know a lot of people tend to prefer a cozier place to live with knit blankets draped here, stuffed pillows thrown there and lots of things piled everywhere but not me. I love simple but elegant, french victorian with a touch of modern. Unfortuantely I'm poor and I have no idea how to tie a room together as a whole. I'm good at saying "I like this, yes"..."I like that, yes" they go togehter, "I have no idea." Thankfully, this is where my sister shines! I do the clothes, she does the houswares. Hopefully with my obsessive internet searches for creative ideas and her knack for finding the best vintage decorating pieces we can make some sense of my place!

And just in case your wondering, I posted the second photo of the dress/shirt because I'm absolutely in love with it, love with it! It's one of Hannah's favorites.


  1. The suitcase idea is wonderful -- I am constantly buying baskets and crates to put my books and magazines inside...this is perfect, because you can stack them and use them as side tables, foot stools, etc. Cute pics!

  2. I love vintage suitcases, what an interesting way to use them. I also saw one as a precious cat bed (which in my house is tres necessary if you don't want company in bed)
    Lovely post!

  3. so vintage, very cool.

    i had a vintage suitcase as a student. but it was a coffee table. now is promoted :D

  4. I actually use a vintage suitcase as a little table on the side of my bed. I actually never meant for it to be a table, I just left it in that spot and next thing I knew I was putting all my stuff on top of it! ;)
    I love the last set of photos, it has a very elegant and slight rustic charm.

  5. Tara- i'm all about baskets and crates too! i didn't used to notice them at thrift stores but now it's one of the first things i stop by. they're all so unique!

    Marie- I saw the pet bed too, was that not the most luxurious looking set up for a kitty!? I loved it...too bad we're petless!

    Ryder- lol that's a great promotion. i can't wait for the day when i'm done with school and have an actual need for my suitcase!

    Muchlove- I bet it looks great as a nightstand...did you stack them or just use one?
    hannah and landon's place is a dream, you should stop by their blog when you can!

  6. those luggage/end tables are going to haunt me in my sleep. they are SO CUTE!