Thursday, July 23, 2009

Built By Wendy Fall '09

Built By WendyBuilt By WendyBuilt By WendyI was going through some different fall collections on when I stumbled upon the Built By Wendy '09 collection and immediately fell in love! Since my brain is not working right now (for no good reason at all) I'm going to avoid writing as much as I can and just list my favorite things about this line!

- All the red... red lips, red tights, red shoes! It makes for such a classic vintage look, I only wish that I could pull off red lipstick. It just doesn't work with my olive skin tone.

-Prints! I'm in love with all of the polka dot pieces in this collection. With the red lips they remind me of my favorite 40's looks, perhaps something I saw Kate Beckinsale or James King wearing in Pearl Harbor.

-Tights, tights, have I missed those things! I would wear tights everyday of the summer if it weren't so dang hot, I just love what they do for an outfit. I'm especially glad to see that the textured tights are back since I'm not one to wear the printed ones that have been in style over the spring and summer-- I just can't seem to style those.


  1. I can't pull off red lipstick either! Bummer, isn't it?

  2. Everything looks GORGEOUS, I am totally love with the top center dress.

    Red lipstick is difficult... I've done it, and I've even had people say it looks good on me... but I still think my teeth are just to naturally yellow and my lips aren't quite plump enough to pull it off confidentially :'(

  3. Can't you please hide these photos? Its killing me, oh me and my greedy mind :P
    Tights - agree. Too bad I live in such tropical country, always confused when I could wear my tights... It always warm here! Maybe I should try the red lipstick... someday when my valor has grown :P

  4. Hunter- It is a bummer! I really can't wear lipstick, it makes me feel funny...more of a lipgloss kind of gal. it's not quite as permenant.

    Aya- the polka dot dress is my favorite too! :)

    i'm sure you look great in red lipstick, i actually think it would go rather well with your skin tone. it's definitely a bold one though, takes a lot of confidence!

    Claradevi- Where do you live? I'm in Arkansas and it's not tropical but it definitely stays pretty does suck on those days you wanna wear tights!

  5. I live in Indonesia! Umm, far, faraway place from where you are now :) We don't have winter or autumn, we just have raining vs dry season :(

  6. Oh my gosh, Indonesia is beautiful! I used to read about it a lot in National Geographic and always dreamed of going there. I can't even imagine not having autumn or winter!!

  7. oh, the major pain and agony of visiting the built by wendy online shop when you want EVERYTHING... !! :)

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