Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Flickr Archives


When I first started using flickr last year I didn't realize that it was a heavily trafficked site. My friends and I used a pro account to share photographs and inspirations, we just never really organized or tagged anything. No sets, no collections, no titles...nothing! Once I realized that flickr is a pretty big deal and that most people sort there photos and maintain a rather organized account, I started to clean up my own.

Boy did I have a mess on my hands!

Since it's a shared account with a couple of different photographers and models, I'm in over my head with content that I can't delete! I'm slowly figuring it out, making sets for each model and collections for the photographers, little by little, day by day, sorting and deleting through a collection of around 2,500 photographs. I've pretty much coped with the fact that it'll never be completely done!
I do have a little fun when I come across photos that I haven't seen in a while. That happened today when I found the group of photos shown above. I think they were taken back in February by my friend Cody at Burn's Park in Little Rock. It was before I had a blog so they weren't used for anything, just taken for fun when Cody and I were out and about feeling kind of bored.


  1. Great pictures. I often end up just dumping my pictures into unsorted file folders/various storage devices/neg files and then not looking at them for years/an eternity.

    Just thinking about sorting out that mess pushes play on the horror-movie soundtrack in my head.

    Great you're finding gems like that though, especially when you 'd forgotten all about them :-)

  2. these photos are so cute! i love all the different colours

  3. great photos, especially those with the umbrella

  4. You are stunning. I was a bit dissapointed that I just discovered your blog while ago - too bad I can't be here earlier. Everything about this blog is amazing - you and your beautiful self, your outfits, your posts, your sweet elegant blog-design! I'll be following you for sure! Nice to know you Starr :)


  5. That green coat is to die for! And the dress! Lovely!

  6. all your photos are so beautiful, always!