Monday, March 16, 2009

Springtime Explorer




Hello. Welcome to Cazimi's fashion blog and vintage shop! With our blog, we hope to acheive a scrapbook of inspiring photos, vintage fashion, affordable finds, fashion trends, and our very own fashion photography and vintage shop. I guess I'll start with a proper introduction.

I'm Starr, the founder of Cazimi. I do the buying, sewing, and styling. I just recently finished an extensive 7 month couture fashion design program where I learned tons about sewing and drafting patterns. I've always been tremendously inspired by vintage clothing, so I thought why not open my very own store where I can showcase the vintage that I love and all the styling that goes with it!

Then there's the man I couldn't live without. My photographer, right-hand man, and a very close friend, Cody. Cody is a photography student at UALR. He does an amazing job, and he is always able to convey my vision for Cazimi.

Hannah, Anna, Danielle, Kristi, and Diana.....they are the greatest. Tons of fun and gorgeous ladies.

Stephen, Hannah, Me, & Cody after a big shoot.

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